Iterative development is a key practice in agile development. In iterative development the design, coding and testing are done almost at the same time and are repeated in a short cycles, often called iteration or sprint. Iterative approach helps the team to experiment and focus on learning and flexibility for changes instead of Big Design…


A/B testing is a method where you test two different versions of a feature or product. This is typical on marketing and research. When using this method in software development you have to versions, for example a website. A, could be the existing website (if you have any) and A is typical the control version where…


The backlog grooming (also Backlog Refinement Meeting and Story Time) is a meeting where the team or some team members (and the product owner) regularly “groom” the product backlog. This meeting is to make sure the backlog is always up to date. This grooming sessions usually take place 2-3 days before next sprint planning to…


Slicing is an important step in software development process and it’s including slicing big activities to smaller, manageable tasks. There are usually two fundamentally different ways of slicing work, horizontal and vertical slicing.


The agile manifesto is a manifest for agile software development. In 2001 17 people gathered, discussed and tried to find a common ground for software development. Influence at that point was methods like Extreme programming, Scrum, DSDM, Crystal, FFD etc. Out from that meeting came the first agile manifesto with 4 values and 12 principles.


A bottleneck in process and software development is a part in a chain of process. A bottleneck is the part that reduce the process capacity and controls the flow in the system. A bottleneck isn’t always a problem, because all process have a internal or external bottleneck but you should know where it is.


Daily stand-up or just stand up meeting is a popular method in agile software for team to synchronize their daily work. The team stand up to focus and keep it short because of the discomfort of standing. This meeting is usually in the morning, on same time and same place to keep it crisp. Its…


Backlog is a list of features or task in software development that are supposed to be delivered, backlogs are maintained either by teams (team backlog) or product owner (product backlog). A backlog is always prioritized, with the most important tasks at top and least important at the bottom. Its important that someone (team, department or roles)…


Technical debt is a metaphor or a concept in software development where organization accumulate debt under the development process. Technical debt is created when teams need to forecast bug fixes, regular maintenance and cut corners in there development. Either teams can do development by the book, but usually the cost to create clean code seen as…


Poker planning is a technique used in agile software development for estimating task and work. This technique uses consensus based decision in the team where everyone is part of the estimation. Its also uses “gamification” for estimation with playing cards.