Backlog is a list of features or task in software development that are supposed to be delivered, backlogs are maintained either by teams (team backlog) or product owner (product backlog). A backlog is always prioritized, with the most important tasks at top and least important at the bottom. Its important that someone (team, department or roles)…


Technical debt is a metaphor or a concept in software development where organization accumulate debt under the development process. Technical debt is created when teams need to forecast bug fixes, regular maintenance and cut corners in there development. Either teams can do development by the book, but usually the cost to create clean code seen as…


Poker planning is a technique used in agile software development for estimating task and work. This technique uses consensus based decision in the team where everyone is part of the estimation. Its also uses “gamification” for estimation with playing cards.


Lean Startup is a method/approach for creating successful business through continues improvement, continues learning, iterative product releases and business driven focus. Lean Startup was first lunched 2008 by Eric Ries  in his bestselling book Lean Startup.


The purpose of a demo is to present and review the work of a team or teams. After an iteration of work the demo, usually, naturally ends the period and the teams can show whats been done.


Retrospective is a planed time, usually a meting or workshop where the team can start to reflect over the work that´s been done the last period. Retrospective is where the team can analyse, examine and look for improvements in their work process and also a great way to learn from each other.