Scrum of Scrums is a technique to scale up Scrum in larger groups and scaling the daily Scrum. Scrums of Scrums is not part of the Scrum guidelines but can be used as a complementary when scaling to more than one scrum team. This meeting is not mandatory or have any decision power over the Scrum teams, it´s for planning and coordinate work between many Scrum teams.

When there are more than one Scrum team there are usually needs for coordination and spreading information between teams. The Scrum Of Scrums is for and by the teams and not an status report for management, it has the same principles as a daily Scrum. It should be short “15 min” and focus on information sharing, synchronizing and solving common problems, same as Daily Scrum.

How often there should be a Scrum Of Scrums depends on your situation, start with one 15 minutes every week and evaluate.

Don’t take away self-organization

On important things when you start with Scrum Of Scrums is to avoid it to be a project planning meeting. Like Daily Scrum it is for and by the Scrum Team. So after every Daily Scrum the team should decide which team member should go and represent the team on the next Scrum of Scrum. If it’s always the same person or the Scrum Master that attend to this meeting the team loses their ability to self-organize.

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Thanks to Jimmy Janlén for letting me use his pictures from Agile Topics Cards.

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