Working agreements is a way for teams and organisations to set rules, principles and process between individuals, teams and different decision.

The purpose is for the teams to focus on creating value instead of work against each other. So its important to set some ground rules. In the best scenarios teams figure this out by them self. The create implicit and explicit patterns of whats okay and not. Effective teams work out agreements about how the should do things and make sure the agreements are flexible. 

Usually there are several agreements for different task and situations. There are also important to make the agreements visualized for every one to see. Put it up on the wall, intranet or the team board.

For more tips about visualization see Jimmy Janléns book here 

Definition of Done is a classic working agreement that many teams use to make sure that a task is really done “shippable”.

With working agreements you create a foundation for “right” expectations and minimize misunderstanding between groups.

Thanks to Jimmy Janlén for letting me use his pictures from Agile Topics Cards.

More to read: Norms, Values, Working Agreements, Simple Rules – Esther Derby

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