The T-Shaped competence is an idea how to recruit and develop competence in an organization. The T symbolize both dep competence “vertical” in an area, like an expert where the horizontal bar is describing a broader competence. The horizontal bar is for collaboration and how much knowledge an individual have in other areas outside their own.

In agile “cross-functional” teams is a standard phrase that the teams are supposed to handle as much as they can within the team and solve it together. For this to work the team members need to be able to help out in different areas outside there own expertise.

With T-Shaped concept you got a goal for creating a team culture where they help each other and at the same time can be expert in their fields.

Usually there are challenging to create a cross-functional teams because it take time to learn new skills. So here it is important to have an overall strategy and follow it through, even when it is tempting to pinpoint task on individuals.

T-Shaped competence also prevent key dependence on single individuals but in the same time demands more from every individual, patience and support from stakeholders.

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Thanks to Jimmy Janlén for letting me use his pictures from Agile Topics Cards.

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