Timebox is a method when work is divided in smaller and separate time slots.

Usually every timeboxning has its own value, deliverables and goal. Instead of letting the work flow in the system, there is a start and endpoint. After the time is up the teams evaluate what was done under the agreed time period.

The length of the timebox can varying from couple of minutes “pomodoro technique” couple of weeks “Scrum sprints” or months, all depending on the situation.

What’s important is that works stops after time is up and start to review the result. Have the goal been met or not. It´s easy to just prolong the timbox to finish the work. But then you lose the idea with timeboxing.

In larger projects timeboxing is a great way to plan and get fast feedback on how the progress is going and correct the plan depending on the situation.

Timebox is popular in many agile methods where Scrums iteration uses timeboxing as a technique. 

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Thanks to Jimmy Janlén for letting me use his pictures from Agile Topics Cards.

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