Pair Programming is technique where two programmers works together on one computer. One programmer write the code and the other observe and review the code on the fly.

The roles (programmer/driver) should be switch between the programmers so they can learn from each other.  

As an observer you have the time to write down ideas and improvements to review together after the session. That means the person who write codes can focus on that. Pair programming works either as:

  • Expert – Expert
  • Expert – Novice
  • Novice – Novice

depending on the situation.

This is an excellent method to enhance learning and satisfaction. It´s also good for team building, communication in the team, code design and quality.   

Remember that pair working is difficult and needs practice. When you work together like this you open up yourself and your work. You also need to explain your ideas and thoughts out loud to another person.

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Thanks to Jimmy Janlén for letting me use his pictures from Agile Topics Cards.


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