Code Review “peer review” is technique to examine and review software code, often together with someone else.

The intended is to find mistakes and correct bugs early in the development process. With this method you get two more eyes to help you find mistakes in the code. It´s easy to get “blind” for your own creation and together with someone it´s possible to streamline the process and get the code in a better shape.

If the team are working with a complex code, critical system or in a complete new area, code review is a good method to help the team to get achieve high quality and minimize the risk.

Its also a great method to share understanding, knowledge, ideas and minimize bugs in the code for the team. So before you start a new iteration and planing for QA and testing, create a “definition of done” criteria on the task, that it´s first need to be reviewed be someone else before its done. In that way the team wont miss out the part of securing quality and learning.

The Fagan inspection is a more formal and structured process to review code where you have entry and exit criteria for the review.

Then you can use a more lightweight review with lesser overhead and planning. Pair programming is one way to achieve a good result and sharing knowledge between team members and this is also done on the fly when the code is written.

Read More – 11 Best Practices for Peer Code Review

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Thanks to Jimmy Janlén for letting me use his pictures from Agile Topics Cards.

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